Enter the post-apocalyptic world full of danger!

About the game

HOPE Cardgame (Heroes of Postapocalyptic Earth) represents a card game full of conquests, battles, strategies and survival based on post-apocalyptic vision of the near future, which is designed by Czech gaming and graphic company HOPE Studio.

Core game of HOPE contains everything you need for 2 players and provides a fresh start for new players and experienced players alike. A unique concept ensures high replayability thanks to the variety of cards and the different play of dissimilar types of races. What tactics you choose is entirely up to you.

Each player represents one of the four surviving races, which are skirmishing for a control over the rest of the sources needed to survive on the unhospitable planet Earth. Combat like a leader of Mutants who try to infect their neighborhood with radioactivity. Be side by side of frightening Aliens who desire for blood and fast occupation of enemy territory. Bots got the dynamic artificial intelligence and represent a threat to enemies with deadly weapons and huge level of defense. And Humans? Will they successfully survive with your help another terrifying night in a shelter?

Conquer the collapsing world by gaining sources, winning battles against opponent’s units and finally controlling over sections of the battleground. Combat for life and death is just beginning!

Short characteristic

  • The game combines card and board game.
  • Recommended player’s age 14+.
  • Playing time 15-30 minutes.
  • The game is completely in English.
  • 3 types of cards – Units, Locations and Events.
  • 4 types of races – Aliens, Bots, Humans and Mutants, that can be played separately or creating own decks.
  • 3 game modes – Classic game, Artifact game and Two on two variant.
  • Each round is divided into six phases – Playing Units, Moving Units on the Game board, Survey the terrain, Battle, Dominance on the battleground and Drawing cards.
  • Regularly issued expansions cards, called "Survival packs".


Aliens are bloodthirsty race, which represents the scariest dreams and nightmares of people. They come from the deepest underground, from which climbed due indelible traces of fear and hopelessness of humans, who lived through the agony during the World War III. In recent years, Aliens are making heartless attacks for food and attack fortresses of people in subway and in ruins of towns and cities. They don’t know a fair fight, they attack in groups and don’t leave any witnesses. Create a band of many Aliens and feed them with fresh meat!


Radiation disease or adapted to existing conditions, as well as posthumous form of living. This would simply introduce representatives of Mutants. There are many kinds of them. While animal species are wild and incontrollable, there are an intelligent sort of Mutants, which leads the wild Mutants for one purpose: to infect other living creatures to join their company. Stand on the side of Mutants and infects all who breathe clean air!


During the World War III, people experimented with dynamic artificial intelligence. The result was the emergence of the first robots with fully dynamic AI, but, as it turned out, was a huge mistake. Thanks to dynamic AI robots able to live its own life and began to desire to annihilation of their creators. "Bots", as they were called in short, occupy most of factories and abandoned industrial zones. Bots are great specialists in the fight against superiority of opponents, because of their defensive abilities and are equipped with destructive weapons. Lead Bots and smash all enemies in the dust!


Humans represent apparently the weakest race, but they profit from the knowledge of terrain and cities. During and after the World War III, Humans had to hide in underground fallout shelters and subway stations. Larger groups defend desperately every meter of underground basis, which are still declining. Others often set off on the surface and looking for usable supplies and everything that could be used to increase their chances to survive. There are also loners who wander the devastated country and combat face to face with their opponents. Connect to people who struggle to survive and use their greatest strength – the fight from a distance!

Game content


Rulebook, 144 Game cards divided into 4 decks (Aliens, Bots, Humans and Mutants), 4 Game reference cards (1 for each deck), 1 Online bonus card (applicable in online version of this game), 1 Game board, 20 Red blood glass counters, 3 Target tokens, 20 Artifact tokens, 2 Player’s source tokens, 1 First player coin


HOPE Studio, s.r.o.
e-mail: hopestudio@hopestudio.cz